Father in the name of Jesus we thank you for your goodness and your graciousness to us as an organisation.

We are fully persuaded that this year 2021 will deliver the very best of God to us, We declare that this is our year of the Exponential growth. We have set our eyes on you to make the word find expression in all that we do therefore making the year our best year yet at Stonetrust Realty.

We arise and we shine because our light has come and the glory of God is risen upon us, we declare in the name of Jesus that nations are coming to our light and kings are coming to the brightness of our rising.

We have casted our Vision to create opportunities with distinctive values through honest and sustainable ways for our clients and the community at large and by the spirit of God we see the manifestation of this every day.

We declare that money and wealth opportunities comes to us every day from every part of the world. Shares and stocks in the biggest and best companies, good business deals, are ours, Stonetrust Realty is flourishing and we are experiencing increased sales and expanded markets.

We declare that we have the required Organizational capacity to achieve our Revenue goal for 2021, we have the best Projects, which are the most sought-after products in the market, Stonetrust Realty is a global name with a Positive Brand Perception.

We are qualified and dedicated individuals, highly skilled and anointed to perform above and beyond our own natural strengths and abilities.

We declare that we are excellent in business, we are the most innovative and disruptive company, we bring forth divine ideas, witty inventions and creativity of the God-kind. Stonetrust Realty has a good reputation and we are seen well in the minds of our customers and vendors. Empathy is embedded in our character, in everything we do, we get our customers to a place of satisfaction and our clients are our ambassadors.

We operate Stonetrust Realty above and beyond the systems of this world. We are diligent in business; we stand before kings and shall not stand before vile men. We are faithful stewards over all that you have entrusted to us.

We declare that we have power and strength. We will not fall in exhaustion but we who trust in you will always find new strength. We will soar high on wings like eagles, we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not faint. God has given His angels charge over us; they are bearing us up in their hands and we will not dash our feet against a stone

Father, we declare your blessing upon this business and give you all the glory for keeping Stonetrust Realty vibrant, alive and thriving. In Jesus name, Amen.

Osunrinade Ibukunoluwa

MD(Stonetrust Realty)