1st Quarter

For the first quarter of 2021, our CSR fell on point. It felt right to add some yummy sensation to the Easter experience at Ajah. And for that, a big shout out to the Stonetrust Realty Human Resources.

A good percentage of the beneficiaries then were non-celebrants, and that for us is the essence – to serve seamlessly, and without restriction; for the benefit of a complete society, where unity can be perceived as a good thing and the coexistence of different religious practitioners, achievable.

2nd Quarter

This second quarter, our CSR was to the widows present at the International Widows Day commemoration, as organized by Tender Hearts Foundation on Wednesday (12th June, 21). We were privileged to have been one of the gold sponsors of the event. Our hope is that our involvement has given hope to this community of vulnerable yet significant members of our society.